Coconut ladoo

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Coconut ladoo

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Coconut ladoo is one of the sweets that can very easily be made for any festival. These can be made using fresh coconut or desiccated coconut, with sugar or jaggery to suit ones taste. I made these with desiccated coconut, sugar and milk. But th
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Specifications of Coconut ladoo

Ingredients (240 ml cup used)

  1. 2 cups coconut (fresh or desiccated)
  2. 1 cup milk (1/2 cup if using fresh coconut) (refer notes)
  3. ¾ cup sugar
  4. ⅛ tsp. green cardamom powder
  5. cashews broken as needed
  6. 1 tsp ghee.


1.       Heat ghee in a pan, add nuts and roast till golden. Set them aside.

2.       To the same pan, add coconut, milk and sugar. If using desiccated coconut set the pan aside for 15 minutes for the coconut to soak well.

3.       Cook till the mixture thickens and all the moisture evaporates completely.

4.       Add cardamom powder and nuts. Mix well.

5.       Cool the mixture slightly. When it comes down to warm temperature, roll the mixture to balls.

6.       Store coconut laddu in an airtight jar and refrigerate. Use within 5 to 7 days.

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