Coconut palm sugar

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Coconut palm sugar

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This Almond Burfi is unbelievably easy to make, tastes great and is healthier than the one made using sugar. the syrup consistency are different. Coconut Palm sugar or jaggery syrup has to be boiled till it reaches a ball consistency (not a stri
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Specifications of Coconut palm sugar

1.  1½cups almonds
2.  1 ¼ cups grated or powdered coconut palm sugar or jaggery (measure loosely, do not pack tightly, you can reduce 1 tbsp. of psugar)
3.  ¼cupwater (60 ml or 4 tbsps.)
4.  Generous pinch of green cardamom powder / elaichi or 4 cardamoms
5.  Few drops of oil or ghee for greasing the pan or u could use a parchment paper
6.  1 tsp sesame seeds or chopped pistachios (whatever you like)


1.Grease a tray, plate or a square pan. I had a brownie pan ready to bake some brownies. Since that did not happen I used it up for this burfi.
2.Powder the almonds and cardamoms in a mixer. If you have cardamom powder, you could add it to the almond powder or meal directly. Set this aside
3.Add water to the palm sugar or jaggery and melt it till it dissolves fully. Filter and remove impurities if using jaggery. Place a small bowl with water filled near the pan
4.Boil the jaggery syrup in a heavy bottom pan till it reaches a ball consistency. Take half a tsp of syrup and drop it in the bowl of water. You must be able to make a soft ball out of the syrup. If using palm sugar, you cannot easily make a ball. If the syrup has not reached the consistency it will begin to melt off immediately.  So when you drop the syrup, it must not melt but must remain as it is for at least a min as you see in the picture. Repeat the test to make sure.

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