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Ring murukku

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Ring Murukku | Rice Flour Rings is a famous and traditional murukku especially we do for Diwali. From kids to elders most of us enjoy these murukku by wearing this in our fingers.
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Specifications of Ring murukku


1.     Rice Flour  1.5Cup

2.     Water 1 Cup

3.     Uriddal Flour 1 teaspoon

4.     Butter 1 tablespoon

5.     Moongdal 2 tablespoon

6.     Cumin Seeds 1 teaspoon

7.     Sesame Seeds 1 teaspoon

8.     Red Chilli Powder 1 teaspoon

9.     Hing 1/4 teaspoon

10.                        Salt To Taste


1.     Soak the moong dal in water for atleast 15 minutes. I have used home made rice flour. Please click here for the Rice Flour recipe. (You can also use store bought flour or Idiappam flour). Add urid dal flour to the sieved rice flour and mix well. Heat a pan and add water along with salt, soaked moong dal and butter. 

2.     Once the water starts boiling, add the flour little by little and keep mixing till all the rice flour gets nicely combined with water and immediately switch off the flame and allow the dough to cool of so that you could handle with your hands

3.     When the dough is completely cooled off, add cumin seeds, sesame seeds, red chilli powder and hing and knead the dough well

4.     Take small gooseberry sized dough and make it like a ball. Grease your palm with little oil and rub the dough ball to make 2 inch strip

5.     Then connect both the ends of the dough strip to make it like a ring and place it in a plate . Repeat this step for the rest of the dough. Heat oil in a pan and test the hotness by dropping a pinch of dough. if the dough raises immediately, then it is the correct hotness and we can drop the rings into the oil gently.

                6.     Fry the ring murukku evenly on all the side till they turn golden brown and crispy. Gently take out the crispy murukku from oil and place it in a paper towel to drain the excess oil

                7.     The crispy and crunchy ring murukku is now ready to serve! Serve this yummy murukku with hot coffee or tea and enjoy your evening!

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